Bird, Bee and Bug Houses : Homes and Habitats for Garden Wildlife by Susie Behar


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Bird, Bee and Bug Houses shows children how to support garden wildlife by making sustainable bird, bee and bug houses, as well as how to create habitats through small, achievable projects. Perfect for young naturalists, this beautifully illustrated, accessible book is packed with practical activities and information about the wildlife found in our gardens and beyond. The content is designed to inspire curiosity and encourage children to have a go and do their bit in supporting and protecting creatures both big and small.

From building nest boxes and beetle banks to bee homes and butterfly feeders, children will also learn why supporting our backyard creatures is so important to the success of local ecosystems and the biodiversity of the world. Each project includes easy-to-follow illustrated step-by-step instructions along with detailed material and tool lists. Activities include: Mini Wildlife Garden, Bug Hotel, Beetle Bank, Bat House, Nest Boxes, Bird and Butterfly Feeders and more.


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