Bea’s Bad Day : A Big Bright Feelings Book by Tom Percival


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Bea is REALLY looking forward to her birthday … until things begin to go wrong. A book about managing disappointment, from the bestselling author of the Big Bright Feelings series. Be open, be honest, be you! Big Bright Feelings for little people.

Bea CAN’T WAIT for her birthday. There are only three days to go, and everything is going to be PERFECT! Then snow begins to block the roads … and everything begins to go wrong. With no party, no cards, and maybe even no cake, can Bea find a way to be OK – even in the middle of a really BAD day?This reassuring and funny book is the perfect springboard for talking to children about setting expectations and finding balance amidst disappointment.

Tom Percival’s Big Bright Feelings series is the ideal starting point for discussions about mental and emotional health, positive self-image, building self-confidence and managing feelings. Every child’s bookshelf should contain his books. Also available in the Big Bright Feelings series: Ruby’s Worry, Perfectly Norman, Ravi’s Roar, Meesha Makes Friends, Tilda Tries Again, Milo’s Monster and Finn’s Little Fibs.

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