The Wrong Shoes : The vital new novel from the bestselling creator of Big Bright Feelings by Tom Percival


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A beautiful and urgent exploration of the experience of child poverty from Tom Percival, creator of the bestselling Big Bright Feelings series, for fans of Boy at the Back of the Class. Working in partnership with the National Literacy Trust, £1 from the sale of a hardback copy in the UK will go towards supporting children in poverty. ‘Powerful and moving with the potential to change lives’ Hannah Gold’Full of empathy and most importantly, heart’ Phil EarleThere’s a bunch of kids in there and suddenly they’re all looking at me like someone who can actually do something, not just some weirdo with the wrong shoes and a rubbish coat . .

. Will has the wrong shoes – he’s always known it but doesn’t know how to change it. Navigating the difficulties of home and school when you feel you stick out is tough, but finding confidence with the help and empathy of friends can be all you need to see the way.  Praise for The Wrong Shoes: ‘An extraordinary, powerful and moving book that has the potential to change lives.’ Hannah Gold ‘Every chapter is full of experience & empathy & most importantly, heart’ Phil Earle ‘Reading fiction is about walking in the shoes of people whose lives are very different to ours and allowing more readers to see themselves in stories. The Wrong Shoes is the perfect example of both – the right book at the right time’ Tom Palmer ‘A brilliant book – such a perfect marriage of words and illustrations and an important story told with real heart’ Christopher Edge ‘A hopeful, honest, big-hearted read.

You’ll be rooting for the main character, Will, from the very first page . . .


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