Absurdle by Jason Hazeley (Hardcover)


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Are you the nerdle who’s obsessed with sharing your Wordle streak?Ever had to mute your dedicated WhatsApp group when you failed to guess the daily word? Have you blocked your colleague on Twitter for their incessant perfect score sharing? Then this is the book for you! Hilariously funny, ridiculously silly and a tiny bit rude, Absurdle is the perfect parody on the viral game that everyone is talking about. Drawing on the instantly recognisable Wordle format with a humorous twist, Absurdle is a must-have for hundreds of thousands of Wordle fans, and those looking for a Secret Santa present or stocking filler for the Wordle obsessive in their lives. Drawing on Wordle’s instantly recognisable layout with its clever design, Absurdle features a series of completed Wordle-style challenges, but replaces the familiar, everyday answers with absurd, whimsical ones, complete with a witty response from the ‘game’, in lieu of congratulations.


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