Croaky: Quest for the Legendary Berry by Matty Long


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Preorder 5 September 2024

Froggy, Fearless, and Ready for Adventure! Leap into this new action-packed chapter book series from Super Happy Magic Forest creator Matty Long-perfect for readers who love funny stories!Croaky Hopper isn’t like other little frogs. His head is filled with thoughts of wild adventures. He dreams of hopping across crocodile-infested waters, or being chased by a giant boulder, just like the famous TV explorer Tennessee Toad.

But where can an energetic amphibian like Croaky find real-life adventure? When his Aunt Lilly signs him up for the Woggle Scouts, he expects to spend his time crafting with pinecones and selling cookies, but he soon discovers there’s much more in store . . .

In Legendary Berry Quest, the woggle scouts take off in an old biplane to explore Giant Fruit Island. There they search for a mythical fruit that promises everlasting youth, but soon find their efforts blocked by mischievous lemurs, giant Grow Worms, and perilous river rapids. For more action-packed adventures with Croaky Hopper, read Search for the Sasquatch.


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