Spider-Man: An Origin Story (Marvel Origins) by Ned Hartley


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Follow Peter Parker’s journey from ordinary boy to Spider-Man. This is the story of Peter Parker, a shy and brainy boy living in New York. He struggles to fit in with the cool crowd at school, but he loves science and going to watch the wrestling with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May.

Then one day, his whole world is changed forever as a chance encounter with a radioactive spider turns him into Spider-Man, one of the most remarkable Super Heroes in history. Spider-Man must learn about the responsibility that comes with his powers. Marvel Origins tell the stories of our favourite Marvel characters from their early lives and struggles to getting their powers and becoming some of the best-known Super Heroes of all time.

These action-packed books are the perfect way to introduce children to the world of Marvel or to learn more about their favourite heroes. (c) 2020 MARVEL


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